We are neither a publishing house nor a traditional publishing project, we are not interested in earning money from our publications and we haven’t chosen publishing as our sole expression medium. We are a mess of purposes and projects that have found an alibi for playing together.

Our founding principle is Do-It-Yourself. We find things we like and simply activate to spread them around. It’s all about putting our hands on the heart of the matter, of getting involved with our brains, blood and hearts and avoiding the detached vantage points from which others gaze at futures made by someone else.

This process is favoured by co-production — a method that was born within the world of DIY and has been spreading in the last few years, even if almost only among music DIY projects.

While in the past bands used to turn to a single label that was in charge of everything — from production to distribution and marketing — in recent years musicians have started to send their works to a selected group of people asking them to join together for the production of a record if they’d liked the music. Clearly, this process makes it easier to gather the money you need, but this isn’t the only advantage. With time, a large network of projects and individuals has developed. This community (as it might be called in some subcultures) is bound together by the will to produce and distribute certain contents and by the desire of doing it on our own, without anybody’s patronage or supervision. A record that is produced according to these principles will be followed and loved from the first to the last step, and starting from production it will be enriched by the energy of all those who have found it interesting.

So we have tried to use this method with books, and hope this same philosophy flows into each one of our projects.
This is the list of our co-producers

If you wish to participate in our co-production project, write to collanediruggine-at-autistici . org

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